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Dowitcher searching for seafood along the coast of Stratton Island. Photo Courtesy of Janine Parziale

Fishing Success!

Looking like a proud statue atop its plinth, this Atlantic puffin takes pause before bringing home the bacon to its hungry brood. Photo Courtesy of Austin Patton

The Edge Of The Sea

Sanderlings are most commonly seen in flocks chasing receding waves on ocean beaches, and running away from them when they return. This group takes to the air above the foaming water. Photo Courtesy Of: fyeah-seacreatures: Sanderlings. By: (Aypho)

Coming Atcha!

In a flurry of feathers this Atlantic Puffin is looking committed to a landing. With legs set far back in their body, puffins are incredibly efficient in propelling themselves through water, but less than graceful when it comes to landing. They often take a tumble as they approach their rocky burrows on the Seal Island

Both Beautiful And Functional

Common terns are attractive because of their long tapered wings. Yet they are both beautiful and functional as the high aspect ratio of their wings carries them efficiently for long distances. It isn’t uncommon for them to forage over eight miles from their nests to bring back a single fish to nourish their chicks. Photo