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Snapshot by CamOp Kate

Snapshot by CamOp Kate

OFSDS Weekly Update (7/6)

One of the biggest news items this past week was the weather.  Temps at OFSDS hit the mid to upper 90s with Wednesday and Thursday being the hottest and most humid.   Otherwise, construction activity settled down a little with less interruption to the dogs’ routine.  Highpoints of the week included:

  • Installation of the new door out of Little Dog Village.  Installation of the window in LDV was delayed until Monday.
  • 3 new concrete steps in LDV up to the new door as there is a significant change in elevation between the floor in LDV and the outside yard.
  • Concrete pad poured for a soon-to-be-built covered pavilion in our Intake Yard.
  • Our commercial washer and dryer were delivered.  They are huge!!!  But we will still have to wait a couple of weeks for installation to be complete and they are ready for their first loads.

 To potential foster home

  • Freckles

 New dogs to OFSDS

  • Bonded pair of Dixie and Daisy who are still in intake as both are very shy.    The less shy Daisy spent a short time this afternoon out with the reception dogs.

 Over the Rainbow Bridge

  • Jughead – whose quality of life was taken away by dementia.


  • Lucy is still in the medical room as her e-collar has kept her from licking her hot spot but does not keep other dogs from doing so.

-Sally and the OFSDS Gang

  • Bones

    Thanks – Jughead rip

  • Dapper Dan Kelly

    Sally, Thank you for the updates. Sorry to hear of Jughead’s passing. Take Care,

  • Maewood Hamlin

    I am just heart broken to hear of Jughead’s passing! Rest in paradise sweet baby boy!

  • blu

    thank you Sally i’m a newbie CP for your sight (but have been on expore . org since 2013) so I have just started reading these updates. i have a few questions if you can or want to answer them , so here goes…where are all the dogs i know it states there are apx 100 dogs at one time but i never see near that number . are there that many other rooms both inside and outside off camera?

    and is there somewhere , where one might find a page or two where there are photos of the dogs and their names?

    and is there a copy of the layout of your marvelous place that shows how your place is laid out so ones gets a better understanding of where and what each dog may goe thru in a day?

    thank you for reading my e mail (even if you can not answer the questions)
    you and all the helpers there are doing a GREAT JOBS GIVING THESE FURRY BABIES a nice life.

    RIP Jughead