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OFSDS Weekly Update (7/27)

Contractor finally installed the window in LDV….YAH!!!  What a difference the door and window make in this room. The trap for our commercial washer was installed and we’re getting closer to using this machine. A pallet of detergent was delivered..no more Tide Pods.  A training session for some staff is scheduled for this coming week.  In the interim our volunteers continued to take home bags of dirty laundry or make a trip to the laundromat.  Can’t thank them enough !!!!

To Forever Foster Home
  • Loretta went home with the fosters who took Bean home a couple of weeks ago and who also have a couple other Old Friends.   We are all hoping Loretta settles in to her new home.
Over the Rainbow Bridge
  • Madison – The huge growth on the top of her head continued to grow inside her head and she steadily went downhill this week.  She spent most of the week in Reception with some time out in her old stomping grounds of Big Dog Hall until it was obvious she couldn’t go on any more.
New Arrival
  • Sadie, a black lab mix is in Intake.
In the Medical Room
  • Peanut continues to struggle
-Sally and the OFSDS Gang