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OFSDS Weekly Update (7/20)

The plumbing gods were kind to us and our water issues this week were minimal.  There is still plumbing work to be done to complete the installation of our commercial washer but for most of the week we did have water for dishes, mop buckets and laundry.  Hiccup of the week was that one of our 2 washers went on the fritz. Many many thanks to  our volunteers who stepped forward and took laundry home with them or made trips to the laundromat so that we were able to stay on top of most of our laundry.

Now for the dog news of the week…..
To Forever Foster Homes
  • Blossom
  • Chanel now lives with Kat
  • Semmie now lives with me and has been renamed Remi
  • Romeo our new special needs dog
  • Handsome hound dog Howard went for a sleepover this weekend and we are all hoping he has a great weekend.  His foster reports that he is fascinated by the television.
Over the Rainbow Bridge
  • Tiny Tim  had a significant heart murmur but his passing was not expected.  The vet thinks he threw a clot.  He was a very special little guy.
  • Sugar was in Reception with her bonded partner Hailey who was in the beginning stages of dementia.  Shortly after moving to Reception  we discovered a fast growing  growth on Sugar’s gum which continued to grow and caused her to stop eating.
Madison continues to stay in the medical room.  She has seen the vet this past week and has been put on anti-seizure medication.
-Sally and the OFSDS Gang