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Snapshot by Syd-9

OFSDS Weekly Update (6/15)

Another very quiet week at OFSDS as the dog days of summer are here to stay for a while.

To Forever Foster

Little – who has been stressed and had developed a nasty skin condition. Our plea for a foster was answered by an existing foster who loves chihuahuas and has been fostering several little Old Friends . We all hope that Little will settle in with his new family of munchkins.

Reception dogs

Hazel continues to struggle. We’ll see what next week brings.
PJ and the other reception dogs had a pretty good week.
Little Dallas had surgery to remove one of his eyes which had become quite painful. He is recovering well but not happy wearing his soft e-collar.

Probably the best news all week was that our commercial washer has arrived in Nashville and will soon be delivered to its new home at GrandPaws Gardens. Unfortunately it will not be operational for some time as significant work needs to be done to update our water/sewer system for this beast of a machine.

Our contractor started work on installing a door from Little Dog Village to the outside yard. When completed we will have two exits to the outside area which should definitely make it easier to move dogs outside and back in.

Sally and the OFSDS gang