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OFSDS Weekly Update (12/28)

2018 is about to come to an end. What an exciting year it’s been at OFSDS!! Lots of highs and some lows….but mostly lots and lots of dogs.

To Forever Foster
  • Zuri
  • WILMA and Russ
  • Rue
Returned to the Gardens
  • Schroeder
Miscellaneous Dog Updates
  • Peanut remained reasonably stable this past week but  he is still one of our fragile dogs
  • Smokey continues to hang out in Reception as Dr Christine investigates loss of weight
  • Lilly remains in Medical with her hard-to-heal tail
  • Bosco continues to mostly hang out in Reception.
  • Newbie Lady who is a dead ringer for Toy had surgery to remove several toes and a large growth by those toes. Deja vu of Toy’s recent surgery.
Otherwise a quiet week between Christmas and New Years/
Join me next week as we start a new year at OFSDS In February we will celebrate our 2nd year at GrandPaws Gardens. Time does fly when we’re having fun.
Sally and the OFSDS Gang