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OFSDS Weekly Update (10/12)

In less than 48 hours our temps went from summertime to late fall.  Blink your eyes and it’s changed seasons.
New to the Gardens
  • Duncan – medium size hound mix
  • Maddox -medium large black dog with ears reminiscent of Madison
To Forever Foster
  •     Lillian – one of our pittie mixes who needed a very special home and has now found that home
  • Wednesday – I will really miss this sweet girl but wish her happiness with her new human and dog companions
Across the Rainbow Bridge
  • Maddie – our white shepherd who had spent about 6 months in her forever foster home.  Her rear end just stopped working.
The rest of our resident dogs had an uneventful week with our biggest change being the weather which has given our staff a reason to pull out our supply of doggie sweaters and jackets.  I can predict with the upcoming holidays that the dogs will be showing you lots of color and style.and maybe a little humor.
Until next week…….
Sally and the OFSDS Gang