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Callie german shepard husky mix puppy

Callie - Available puppy from Animal Wellness Adoption Center

Meet Callie, An Available Pup From the Animal Wellness Cam

Here’s a face you can love. Come meet another available pup for rescue from our Animal Wellness Foundation Live Cam.

Charles from Animal Wellness describes Callie as:

Callie is a four month old Shepherd/Husky Mix that was surrendered to us recently because her old owners were being evicted because they had too many dogs. Since she has been with us she has been very well behaved, she walks well on a leash and she get along well with all of our other dogs. She really loves being around humans and gives lots of kisses.

Callie german shepard husy mix puppy

So cute!

You can see her profile page here and catch her on the Live Cam here. Dog Bless You!

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