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Dr. Steve Kress joins us for a chat

Dr. Steve Kress joins us for a chat

Steve Kress Chats Live from Seal Island!

The Puffin Burrow parents Finn and Phoebe are expecting a fluffy chick any day now. To celebrate the family of  seabirds, Project Puffin Director Dr. Stephen Kress joins us for a live chat tomorrow, July 2nd at 12pm PT from the remote Seal Island!

Finn and Phoebe have protected their egg since it was laid in the last days of May. Soon, we’ll watch live as the pair takes turns retrieving bills full of fish to feed their little one. Tomorrow, Dr. Kress will answer your questions about what to expect this season as the chick hatches, grows, gets feathers and eventually fledges out on its own. Just ask your questions in the comments section below the Puffin Burrow Cam!

And, because of the recent events on the Hog Island Osprey Nest when eagle attacks took the chicks from their home, Dr. Kress will open the chat taking questions about the loss of the chicks and what osprey parents Rachel and Steve will do now.

Get your questions ready and join us tomorrow.

Dr. Kress founded Project Puffin over 40 years ago in an effort to restore puffins to historic nesting islands in the Gulf of Maine using innovative methods like decoys, mirrors, and recordings to attract birds to suitable nesting sites. Its successes have made it a model around the world.

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