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Juergen's very first bear butt album picture

Juergen's very first bear butt album picture

In remembrance of our beloved bearcam chatter Juergen

The Bearcam community lost a beloved member this week, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I know none of us will be able to see a bear butt and not think of Juergen. He was a fount of bear and beluga knowledge, which he freely shared. He made us laugh everyday with his gifs and videos, he will be greatly missed by all of us.





You only need to look at Juergen’s Flickr albums and YouTube page to know how much he loved the Bears, Belugas and many other animals.

  • http://www.teatrremus.pl/ Kasia

    Thank you so much Explore.

  • May B K Eide

    Thank you Explore.

  • Naomi Boak

    Thank you so much. Juergen exemplified the best of Explore.

  • Carrie59

    This is lovely. Thank you Explore.org.

  • Kelly Ash

    RIP Juergen. I will always think of you when I see a great photo opportunity of a bear butt. You were one of the goods ones I just know it. Love and light to you and yours

  • Wkay

    A beautiful tribute Explore. For all during this this time of grief and sorrow, may the love of friends and family comfort you at this time.

  • PennyinMT

    Thank you Explore for putting this together. As the years go on and our bears pass over the bridge, we will know that Juergen will be there to welcome them.

  • naturegirl

    Thank you Explore for the wonderful tribute. Juergen was one of the most wonderful and sweetest person that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was there for his friends both in good and bad times and his humor brought joy into everyone’s live’s. RIP Juergen. You will always have a special place in my heart and you will be greatly missed by all.

  • Shannon Quistorff

    While I don’t comment often I do remember Juergen was one of the first chatters to welcome me to Explore. I will miss his comments and I’m sure he is enjoying playing with the bears of heaven (I know I will) he touched many more lives here on earth then he will ever know.

  • abcayemich

    Thank you @Explore.org for this beautiful tribute for Juergen and his loved ones. He was bigger than life and will never be forgotten.

  • Kat<3 Bears <3 503

    What a nice tribute. Thank you! :)

  • Sunny

    What a beautiful tribute to a beloved chatter, Juergen. I hope this brings joy to his family, friends and love, Tahnaf. Thank you explore.org

  • Patti Law Jones

    Thank you @Explore.org for the beautiful tribute. We will all miss Juergen.

  • sumac

    Explore.org …very well done..

  • MickeyMartin

    My condolences Tahnaf. I only knew Juergen through the Bear msg board and you could just tell he was a pleasant man by reading his comments. I ALWAYS loved reading the chats in the mornings to see who had tagged a big bear butt with @Juergen. It made me smile. RIP Juergen.

  • JackieCJB

    My deepest heartfelt condolences. I don’t comment much, but I always appreciated and enjoyed Juergen’s posts. He will be sorely missed. Prayers for peace and consolation for you Tahnaf and all who knew him well. May he rest in God’s peace.

  • Brenda James

    This is a sad day :( Juergen you will be missed so very much….Loved snapping pictures of bear butts for your collection..Always enjoyed your company here in chat you always made me laugh….Rest In Paradise , God speed and comfort family and friends …

  • Stephen B

    This is sad news!! My condolences tahnf. He was a great friend to me on the chat board. When I go this year to Brooks I will say a prayer for him with the bears.

  • SweetPeaPA

    So sad to hear this news. Such a great guy, always so friendly,and kind to all. He will be missed. Condolences sent to tahnf and family. RIP friend.
    You always made me feel welcome.

  • Margaret

    Juergen will be missed by people around the world. He had an impact on the thousands that got on the bear chat and lurked there. It will not be the same without him. But he will forever be remembered. He was a wealth of knowledge. Condolences to Tahna and his family. I am still in shock.

  • Sand Bear

    I am just heartsick over this sad news. Tahna be checking in with you later. Give my condolence to his family please .

  • Carrie59

    I will certainly miss Juergen on our chat. Even though I didn’t know him well, I find myself crying for his loss and feeling an overwhelming sadness. My heart reaches out to Tahnaf and Juergen’s family – I am so sorry for your loss. Juergen was always so helpful to fellow chatters and our questions. I was always so amazed at how quickly he could supply information and answer my questions … not just about bears but about the tech side to watching the cams. Last summer – I thought I had spotted our lovely 410 on the side of the river and I was so excited. Juergen very kindly told me that it really wasn’t 410 but (I’m embarrassed to say) 747. I felt that he was laughing with me and certainly not at me. I (we) will miss you, Juergen.

  • Naomi Boak

    John Cheever was convinced that when he arrived at the Pearly Gates he would be met not by St. Peter, but by 5 greying old Labradors. I think that Juergen will be met by 5 Brooks bears who will open those gates wide for Juergen.

    • kenairiver

      I love that thought and most wonderful picture of his welcome Naomi. Thank you.

  • Cloud

    Some of you may know while others may not: I am the caregiver for my little sister, Kellie Jo, who has Down syndrome and is on 24/7 oxygen among other health issues. Every time I Skyped with Juergen, he always made sure to talk with her and it always made her feel special. I told her last night of his passing. She sobbed uncontrollably. We cried together for a long while. When I was finally able to calm her we looked at all of the beautiful pics that were posted and she decided she wanted to put something on the “tuder” (computer) for her friend. She picked out this pic and I promised I would post for her: For Juergen, I Love You. Kellie Jo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a739c089308fc997ecb44135f950ec0b28a20c5b5f23657dad946d0e0950577.jpg

    • Savonna9

      This perfect & so sweet for a Tribute To Juergen <3

  • Savonna9

    Thank you Explore <3 I'm sure this will help as we all grieve for our friend Juergen <3

  • LaniH
  • LaniH
  • LaniH
  • Cloud
  • Bumpy

    So sad to read of Juergen’s passing. I will always think of him when I see a bear butt. My sympathy to Tahnaf and his family.

  • LaniH
  • JRose8819

    Peace and love to the BearCam family. I so enjoyed Juergen’s posts. Prayers of strength to his family and friends. Rest in Peace Juergen.

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  • Cloud
    • Deborah-TX (2014)


    • Nippykippy

      how beautiful

    • connien

      So beautiful…

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  • Lovethebears

    Thank you explore for this video in honor of Juergen, it is perfect.

  • GABear
  • GABear
  • GABear
  • GABear
    • BearNecessities

      My condolences to Tahnaf and family for the loss of your loved one.

  • Kam
    • Cloud

      So perfect, Kam. Beautiful.

    • BearNecessities

      Awesome Kam!

    • Sunny


    • Brenda Sandefur

      Awe , in tears again.. Such a special drawing! ♥

    • Bruni Caselli

      So special and beautiful, Kam

    • Naomi Boak

      Lovely. TY

    • Debbie Little

      Beautiful sweetheart, brings tears to my eyes. ❤️(Bearz61)

    • connien

      This is simply wonderful Kam. It says so much…

    • tahna

      Heartwarming , needs no words .❤️

  • Sunny
  • Amanda Thompson

    Such sad news for our bear family. Juergen was one of the first to welcome me and make me feel as if I really belonged amongst all the amazing bear people. He was funny and able to encourage and uplift all around him. He will be missed but every wiggle of a bear butt from now on will simply be a wave to us all from Juergen. His family and friends, especially Tahnaf and Martina, are very much in my thoughts.

  • LaniH
  • LaniH

    I remember the first time I saw someone tag a photo of a bear butt with Juergen’s name. I was so confused as to what was going on and why in the world would he need to see a bear butt. When I finally found out he created an entire album of bear and other animals butts I laughed and knew this is a chat board I would love.
    Here is one of the first bear butt pics (32 Chunk) I took in honor of Juergen https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ec7a0c7bac46a2b111e64a4b310458fa2a7da0cb20701ec2e53f90e72428ed4.jpg

  • Aristocat17
  • Brenda Sandefur

    Thank you Explore ♥

  • LaniH
  • LaniH
  • LaniH
  • LaniH
  • DogMom

    Rest in Peace dear friend. I will miss your friendly wit and helpful posts. Condolences to Tahna, your Family and loved ones.

  • Voyager

    I rarely post to discussions, but I love reading all my bear friends comments. You are always there for a laugh and friendly chat. Like so many others here, I always enjoyed Juergen’s comments and pictures. He obviously touched us all. He contributed to other’s well-being. He was loved, even by those of us who never met him. I believe that is a wonderful legacy. We will all think of him whenever we see the back-end of a bear. My sympathies to all to knew and loved him.

  • naturegirl

    Sparkle, sparkle northern lights,
    Juergen is in our thoughts tonight.
    May your beauty bring us delight.
    As we miss him every night.


  • May B K Eide

    May • a day ago
    I just heard of Jürgen’s passing, and I am deeply saddened by your loss. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time of loss. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

    Jürgen was such a lovely friend, always kind and caring. I will miss him so much on twitter and everywhere. The world will never ever be the same without Jürgen. He will always be in our hearts.


  • Jeanette Koenig

    Tahnaf, I am so, so sorry.

    • http://www.teatrremus.pl/ Kasia

      Hi Janko… What a bummer we never managed to pull you into our Bad Bears skype-chat.

      • Jeanette Koenig

        I would have liked that, though it would have required me to figure out how to use skype. (I have used it in the past, just not often enough to be proficient.)

        • http://www.teatrremus.pl/ Kasia

          Juergen would have taught you, he taught all of us.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEUteGoySkNJOVRHVHJhNnFPd3ZAjODB6NHpPTm4zUXBsZAmk0UjV3LWZAHc1Fhc3h6UUhRYWV0dHZAIcXNaSkc3cW5mXzF3OXpLTWtlblVKSlByaXhPYTJBaFZAGUmR6cTF1Q183/ Linda White

    Juergen has given another gift. His passing has brought forth words of gratitude and love from a diverse group of people. As I have been reading the comments, my heart has understood that we retain an appreciation for that which is valuable and true. Thank you all.
    My condolences to Juergen’s family. Hold your memories close.

  • Chrissy

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ece5b2e4ec139f945f73e21840406e99f652b0035673fa783b2bd3ffa21b866.jpg RIP Juergen. ♥♥♥
    Love, Hugs And prayers to Tahna & Juergen’s family♥♥

  • Pansy2

    I believe there are some very special people in this world,who are able to touch the heart of everyone they come in contact with, no matter how brief that contact may be. Juergen was one of them for me.
    You will be sorely missed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03d7b1f3234e4c0ff82f63b4adfa654c5a74e579717257ca7dd6c059609053fa.png

  • Cloud
  • Cloud
  • disqus_0ClF3yMV7u

    I have not been on for a while. Depressed not seeing the Bears, Something kept telling me to come on. So I did, Found the news of Juergen, I am so saddened to hear this. My Heart breaks for his loved ones. Praying for strength and comfort for his family. He will be missed in our Bear Community. He always had a comment or information when we needed it….. RIP My friend…. We will post Pictures this spring just for you….. Butt Butt lol MMT

  • Chrissy

    This may be considered corny and please forgive me if it is. We have had torrential rains in So. Cal the past few days, but as I watched the Santa Monica cam, there was a glorious sunset with a bear in the sky just lumbering along ♥. I couldn’t help but feel Juergen’s presence ♥♥ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c0a21ce2f80219c8ca307ce7e2c2143506a07f606d531152193aea89df032ae.jpg

  • GABear
  • LuvBears

    Sometimes we don’t know how much we enjoy someone in our lives until after we look at life without them. RIP Juergen ~ You will be missed and always remembered with a smile.


  • andyfl

    My condolences to the Loved ones on Juergen passing. He will be missed greatly each and everyday. Butt he will never be forgotten and his memory will live on in my heart. Rest in Peace my friend

  • BearBell

    “Hello BearBell and welcome “, Juergen’s first words to me. Now my last words to Juergen are farewell sweet bear friend, you will always be missed ! Heartfelt sympathy to Tahna and his family.

  • MickeyKay

    I always looked for Juergen’s videos or gif’s. He had a huge heart and compassion for others. He knew that I have MS and often asked me how I was. He was always helping others. We were all better for having him in our bear chat community. He will be greatly missed and remembered fondly. My sympathy and prayers for his family and friends.

  • KD J

    I am deeply saddened By the news of Juergen’s passing. His Passion and Love for the Bears Is Contagious. I will miss him and All the videos and his Huge capacity for Love. R.I.P. Juergen. Prayers for Peace and Strength to all his Family and loved ones. My Heart is Heavy today.

  • http://www.teatrremus.pl/ Kasia

    When I
    think Juergen, the first thing that comes to my mind is Freedom. And incredible
    courage that goes with it. He was bold enough to be friends with perhaps close
    to a thousand people online. And be the trusted “Keykeeper” of all our contacts.

    He was free
    enough to have a girlfriend at another continent, with whom he lived 24/7
    online, and talk about it openly on public chats. And then he was courageous
    enough to keep his severe illness to himself.

    We chatted
    a lot on skype and we shared our love for cooking. And Juergen was zen enough
    to stop my enthusiastic “Juergen! Juergen! The green asparagus season has
    started in Poland!” with a calm comment “Yeah, Kasia, we’ve had them for a week
    now, I’m just frying them wrapped in bacon…” He lived to the south of me, but
    still – how bold. I mean new asparagus FRIED? IN BACON????? That was Juergen
    for you. Savouring the taste of life to the maximum. Daring to fry fresh, baby
    asparagus in bacon, after a long winter.

    He was
    nicknamed “Night Owl” by @Ranger Roy, mostly due to the time difference between
    Europe and Alaska, but also for his incredible presence on the chat, never
    missing anything and always ready to pull out a file for anybody who asked. Be
    it a pic of the bears, a ranger chat, a “bear art” photo, a bear butt photo, of
    course… But, little Ranger Roy knew, Juergen got up at 6.00 am every morning,
    to dutifully go to work. He would make a great Park Ranger. He would have loved
    that job very much, probably, too.

    So –
    Juergen – you fake Night Owl – you Bird of Freedom – you soar in the skies of
    Katmai and keep an eye on the construction of that bridge, so it doesn’t hurt “our”
    bears. And in the skies of everybody who loved you, keeping your owl-eye on us.
    (And don’t try to approach Lurch’s cache if you stumble upon it up there. Yeah,
    I know, it’s food… But you keep your smarts about it!)

    • Nippykippy

      thanks Kasia wonderful…..

  • https://inlightofnature.com inlightofnature

    Very sad…Thank you Juergen for your welcoming spirit and kind words. May you rest in peace in the warmth of the bears and wildlife you loved so much.

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    Im going to tear up every time I see a cute bear butt !! We are going to miss our precious Juergen he was and always will be loved !

  • Susan Larkin

    Sorry for your loss. Anytime I had a bear (butt) question, Juergen was always there to answer.

  • SLH

    It has been a couple of days since the news of the the loss of Juergen. As I sit here looking out the window as the rain gently falls . I just watched the touching tribute video that deelynnd made. I am reminded of the first time I posted in the bear chat, Juergen was one of the first to welcome me. Through out the years since that day Juergen became a friend from across the pond. I didn’t know him as personally as most. But none the less he was my friend. He was always so helpful when I needed help with anything. I got a kick out of some of his silly post because most of the time they came when I needed a good laugh to forget about my health crap of the day. Then came my step into the Twitter pool. Juergen watched safarilive like some of us do. We ended up following and commenting at times with one another .His love of life, nature, people & Tahna was so strong and sincere. For someone to touch my life and so many others is a testament of the power of kindness, compassion and generosity from a man who was,”Juergen”. May the legacy of such a man live on in all of our hearts and minds. Rest in peace Juergen.

  • LaniH
  • hooked (sue)

    I am so sorry to hear of Juergen’s passing. My deepest sympathy to Tahna, Juergen’s family, and to all of the people here who loved him so much. I did not know Juergen well, but I loved his videos and his witty humor. He was clearly just head over heels in love with Tahna. He will never be forgotten. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c8ac11cb6dfc6dda638208d2dc0cb07f7572f3f09d72d0e15c11112eb7f71fc5.jpg

  • mosaic_world

    I’m deeply sorry to hear of Juergen’s passing. my condolences to family and friends. I will miss the energy that he brought to the bear cam chats. he was generous in sharing of his humor and knowledge. RIP

  • labman

    Tahnaf…I am so sorry to hear of Juergen’s passing. I lost my wife of 48 years in September and understand your loss. Juergen was not just another person on this site, many of us considered him a friend. He was tolerant, understanding, fun and shared his knowledge and his passion for the bears freely. He was very special and will be missed. Jim

  • JG

    Condolences to Juergen’s family and friends. His contributions to
    the community will reverberate.

  • May

    Condolences to Jürgen`s family and friends.

    I am truly sorry for your loss. A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. Hold tight to memories for comfort, lean on your friends and family for strength, and always remember how much you are loved.

    Jürgen is Forever remembered, Forever missed

    With deepest sympathy
    May & Wara


  • Jeanne_FL

    My heart aches to read that dear Juergen has passed away. To his family, this incredible explore family, and his beloved Tahnaf, I can only offer my heartfelt condolences. It’s hard to imagine the bearcam chat without him and he will be sorely missed, but always remembered.

  • CSchafer

    Don’t hang out on Explore much anymore as life just got too busy. Now I just get the daily emails with conversations of folks I was following. Juergen was one of those folks. I didn’t know him personally, just through the Bear Cams. He was always cheerful and very helpful to everyone on the chat board, including me. I was sorry to hear of his passing. Keeping his family and friends in my prayers. In this day of strife, seen across America, it is nice to come online and see the unity of the Bear Chat Family. So happy to see you supporting each other. You have proved again and again that family is not just biological. Since I wrote the above statement, I saw something today that is so true of this group: “Blood makes you related; Friends are the family you get to choose. ” I think everyone here can truly be considered a chosen family.

  • http://www.carolinebletsis.com/ CarolineB

    It’s funny how someone who you have never met, who lives in a different country and is just words and pictures on a screen can be your friend, but I considered Juergen a friend. He was a mine of information, always there with an answer to a question, funny, outspoken, passionate about the things he loved (especially Tahna!) and a huge part of the bear chat family. I’m going to miss him – we all will.

  • Calaigh

    My heart goes out to you, Tahnaf, and to his family. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
    Juergen’s unabashed sharing of his mealtime plate photos I found especially endearing, and a source of comfort in that spirit. Whenever I reached out to him with a comment he would invariably reply.

    For now, Farewell, dear Bear friend, may you soar high throughout Katmai.

  • GABear
  • Ivymoss

    Oh, (((Juergen♥))) I will miss you so! The bear cams will never be the same again. I will never forget how you reached out to me as a brand new Cam_Op over there. I so appreciated your knowledge of exlore.org, your love of the bears, your encouragement and joking with me as I crashed the “bus” every once in awhile taking us into the back woods to find those bears, Lol =))
    I think I saw you dancing on top of the dome in Churchill the other night with Miss Aurora. Probably looking for Polar Bears then you decided to say HI to us! I know in my soul your spirit is still with us. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8f3585da7b6efb27257b12f90798e7f7490989a877e3ec560471b5fba1e748a1.jpg

  • GABear
  • GABear
  • scooch

    In fond remembrance of our friend, Juergen. His support and dedication to the protection of wildlife, especially bears and belugas, serves as a monument to the exemplary man he was. May his integrity and passion continue to inspire us all. Greater than the sorrow from his death is the joy that he spread in his life.

    An angel lived among us
    A gift from God above
    He showered us with kindness
    And shared with us his love.

    Rest in Peace, Dear Juergen.
    You will be deeply missed by all.


    • Martina

      Summary of Shantas post (i was asked for it)
      Shanta describes when she and Juergen got to know each other in the chat, that he was always so helpful, that she loved his humor and his way to always express his opinion. Even if that brought him to Explore prison.
      She mentions Juergen’s love for his cats and that when she first
      saw him mention the name Tahna, she thought that was a cat he had adopted because she had not yet seen Tahna in chat. And how they
      both laughed when Juergen explained who Tahna is. Later, she asked him how he can write so openly about Tahnas and his love on the Internet. His answer was, “What’s there to hide, everyone should know that I love Tahna.” The last part is with Google translator:
      ” A liabs Griasle, dear JuergenI I’m so thankful that I got to know you and I’ll miss you very much. The bear chat will never be the same as it was before, you had a link to certain questions right away where to find something.”

  • Shanta

    Sorry, but I’ve to write in German.

    Eigentlich wollte ich nicht schreiben, denn es fällt mir schwer von Juergen in Worten Abschied zu nehmen … aber ich finde vorher keine Ruhe.

    Die Nachricht, dass Juergen für immer eingeschlafen ist, hat mich sehr traurig gemacht und viele Tränen sind geflossen. Juergen war meine erste Bekanntschaft im Internet mit der ich auch privaten Kontakt hatte.
    2013/14 haben wir uns hier im Bärenchat kennen gelernt und als ich Hilfe brauchte, wie ein GIF einzustellen ist, war er da … “mail mir deine Telefonnummer, ich rufe dich an”.
    Juergen war so hilfsbereit, humorvoll, offen und ehrlich, hat Tiere geliebt und respektiert. Wo wir lieber geschwiegen haben, Juergen hat seine Meinung in freundlichem Ton geäußert und auch die Konsequenz “Gefängnis” auf sich genommen. Nicht jeder von uns wäre so humorvoll damit umgegangen und dann wieder in den Chat zurückgekehrt um da weiter zu machen, wo er aufgehört hat. Das war eben Juergen!
    Ein Bild von ihm mit seiner Katze Floh auf den Schultern, wird immer in meinem Herzen bleiben. Juergen hat mir dann Anfang 2015 geschrieben, er hat sich verliebt und muß neue Prioritäten setzen, kann nicht mehr so oft andere Tierwebcams (zum Beispiel safariLive) beobachten. Der Name Tahna fiel und ich dachte wirklich an eine neue Katze (Floh war ja über die Regenbogenbrücke gegangen). Nö, die “Katze” hatte nur 2 Beine und war Tahna aus dem Bärenchat, hatte aber einige Zeit nicht darin gelesen und der Name war mir nicht bekannt. Es war schon eine sehr lustige Situation. Habe ihn dann später gefragt, Juergen,wie kannst du nur so offen deine Gefühle für Tahna im Internet äußern? Er hat nur gesagt “was gibt es da zu verheimlichen, kann doch jeder wissen, dass ich Tahna liebe”. Das war eben Juergen!
    A liabs Griasle, lieber JuergenI Ich bin so dankbar, dass ich Dich kennen lernen durfte und werde Dich sehr vermissen. Der Bärenchat wird nie mehr sein so wie vorher, Du hattest auf bestimmte Fragen sofort einen Link parat wo was zu finden ist.
    Meine Gedanken sind ganz besonders heute bei seinen Eltern, Bruder, Tahna und Martina.
    Wünsche viel Kraft in der schweren Zeit des Abschiednehmens.

  • Cloud

    Juergen traded in the currency of an enormously open heart, a wonderfully curious mind, a great generosity of spirit and a truly loving soul. Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzen, thank you for your gift to the world. We are all richer for knowing him. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d7d67a3a67b8c2887c8bcd473ff9beb2ed6f9c04bc3384fb13e44b9726da87d.jpg

  • Cloud
  • LuvBears

    Naknek Dreaming

    When the belugas first break the surface,
    Amazed, we’ll gather here.
    Soaking up that Alaskan magic,
    As another bear season draws near.

    With nature as the backdrop,
    Infused with friendship, support and fun.
    Hearts from all around the world,
    In honor of Juergen, come together as one.

    ~Scooch & LuvBears

  • Martina

    Thank you very much for the overwhelming participation in the funeral service for our our son

    Juergen Lorenzen

    In the difficult hour of farewell, we were allowed to experience how much
    esteem, friendship and sympathy he received.

    For all the signs of compassion in the form of word and writing, flowers and money donations we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Many thanks also to Pastor Ross for her empathetic words.
    Family Lorenzen

    • Kimmer21462

      I Am New To This Community So Did Not Have The Privilege Of Meeting Juergen Lorenzen Or Tahnaf But The Tribute And Outpouring Of Sympathy And Condolences Is Both Beautiful And Powerful. Please Know I Will Be Lifting You All Up In Prayer Will Pray That You Find Strength, Peace, And Comfort At This Great Hour Of Need. I Know At This Time The Pain Is Probably Felt Even Greater And More Deeply Than 4 Months Ago When He First Passed. I Wish I Could Make Your Pain Go Away But Know I Can Not. All I Can Do Is Leave You In The Incredibly Strong,Capable And Loving Arms Of Our Holy Trinity. May God’s Blessings Pour Over You And Yours. I Am Truly So Very Sorry For Your Loss.

    • Martina
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