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Carlene White - Founder - Great Dane Service Dog Project

Carlene White - Founder - Great Dane Service Dog Project

Help Us Wish SDP’s Carlene White a Happy Birthday!

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Elsie waits.

October 1 is Carlene White’s birthday! It was by complete accident that Carlene founded the Service Dog Project... or we should say, Carlene’s great dane founded SDP.“After her Great Dane stud got loose and bred with three females in one day, [Carlene gave] one pup went to her father, who had Parkinson’s, and one to her friend, who had Multiple Sclerosis. White was inspired by how quickly their quality of life improved from the help of the Great Danes, and the Service Dog Project was born,” (Animal Wellness).

We are so glad that Carlene was born to help bring these acute and sensitive dogs to people who need them. Learn more about SDP here and help us wish Carlene a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Post your message in the comments below).

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