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Snapshot by Suzzi

Snapshot by Suzzi

EGGcellent Info About Eagle Eggs!

Content from Raptor Resource Project 

Ever wonder how big a bald eagle’s egg actually is? They look kind of small in the nest bowl and next to the eagles but they are BIG BIG BIG! Easier to see then explain!


Photo from The Center for Conservation Biology, aka CCB, Eagle Nest Blog

Both of these pictures show two bald eagle eggs with a standard sized tennis ball (first picture) and baseball (second photo). This really helps give us a better perspective of just how big mom and dad are in order to cover and incubate the eggs!

Raptor Resource Project has expertly described bald eagle eggs below:

Bald eagles lay white, oval shaped eggs. The eggs weigh approximately 125 grams or 4.4 ounces, and are on average about 2.9 inches long and 2.2 inches wide. Size-wise, they are just a tad smaller than a tennis ball, although tennis balls are round, not oval.

How EGGciting! Keep up to date with the Decorah bald eagle family here!

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