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Eco-Challenge: Will You Join Us?

Post by Polar Bears International

We know what needs to be done to save polar bears – we need to drastically reduce the greenhouse gases that are causing global warming.

Our Leadership Camps take place on the tundra during the polar bear migration near Churchill, Manitoba, with the Tundra Buggy® Lodge our home base. The camps give individuals the inspiration and skills they need to reduce the carbon footprints of their home communities.

This year, our camps will run from September 30-October 6 and October 7-12. And, as part of their commitment to action on climate change, campers will take part in daily challenges that reinforce a polar-bear-friendly lifestyle.

They include:

  • Monday: No Shower challenge to last through camp
  • Tuesday: Reusable cups and water bottles
  • Wednesday: Meatless meals
  • Thursday: Wearing clothes more than one time (to cut down on laundering)
  • Friday:  Carpooling (in their stinky clothes after no showers!)

We’d love to have you join us in these eco-challenges, which help you question your daily habits and embrace a green ethic. To meet the goal, just remember … it’s all about the polar bears!

*Photo by Daniel J. Cox/Natural Exposures

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