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Project Puffin Founder Dr. Stephen Kress

Project Puffin Founder Dr. Stephen Kress

Dr. Steve Kress Chats Maine Ospreys and Puffins Live!

Get the expert’s take on Maine osprey and puffin seasons as Project Puffin founder and director Dr. Stephen Kress joins us for a live chat on the Audubon Osprey Nest Tuesday, August 9th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET!

Tune in then to ask him your questions about the state of Maine puffins in 2016, the Hog Island osprey fledges, and the recent eagle predation on the Audubon osprey nest. Just type them in the comments section under the Osprey Cam player. See you then!

EXPLORE The Complete – Osprey Live Camera Experience

  • eusebio manuel

    beautiful thank you

  • Barbara

    Was this a good year in terms of fish species and water temperature for the puffins?

  • Jillian

    I’m familiar with the research studies that say how ospreys “know” it’s time to start their migration for the winter. I’m interested to know YOUR personal opinion of when you think an osprey “knows” it’s time.

  • Tina Beene

    what has been a stand out experience in your line of work? And with the eagle population growing how can we help steady the osprey population too?

  • Barbara

    Steve Kress’s written comments about the eagle attack on the osprey are so useful in showing how much can be learned about nature from these cams, even though it may be hard to watch.

  • Bee

    A guillemot question: we’ve been watching the noisy little chick in the guillemot burrow and he apparently fledged yesterday. However, the parents have returned to the burrow several times with food and seem frantic that he’s not there. Is this normal for guillemot parents post-fledge?

  • AnonymousTwo

    Hi Dr Kress, TY for taking our questions. The Osprey cam has been very interesting and informative over the years. Joy and sorrow…it’s not to be missed each summer. Now, that we are certain there are eagles living close by is there any discussion of providing an eagle cam for us? Do you know where they are nesting? That could be great! PS: I am very sorry for the loss of our beautiful Spirit and have great compassion for her suffering as well as that of others watching.

  • Paula Ann Winchester

    When I listen I hear Rachael calling and then I hear in the distance a similar call return. Is that the other youngster who fled when the Bald Eagle took Spirit? I am sorry that I have missed watching…has that youngster returned to the nest to eat?

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