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Dogs lift spirits out of depths of depression

This week we’ve been sharing your stories of battling hardships with the help of you dogs. Today we’re featuring Ginny and her dogs Sarge and Billy. Ginny opens up to us about living with depression.

When I was recovering from my second back surgery in 3 months, this one fusing 9 vertebrates and adding two titanium bars for support, my new puppy was a life saver. I suffered from depression after my surgery because of the many activities I had to cut out of my life. I decided a companion dog, one that would force me go out for walks, was the perfect solution.

I adopted Sarge from the local humane society.  He was a tiny black 6 pound puppy in a litter of four 14 pound siblings. Besides being the runt, he had a malformed jaw and needed surgery on both of his hind legs. He was not a ‘desirable.’



Today a very healthy Sarge, a second rescue dog Billy, and I walk 2-3 miles every day on hiking trails where they can run free.  They bring me so many laughs, so much joy, and so much comfort that I can’t imagine life without my two guys.”

Thank you for sharing, Ginny! And thank you to our community! We’re blessed to hear your stories of overcoming challenges with the help of your dogs. If you would like to share yours, send a pic of you and your pup to dogblessyou@explore.org.