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Community Voices

It’s basically bird season with our Audubon Live Cams now! You can see the Puffins and Razorbills here, the new Arctic Tern Cam and watch the Osprey chicks grow in Maine.

Suzanne, an explore.org community fan, shared this story with us about her life with the birds:

I love all birds, except the introduced species, I rescue injured and orphaned birds and release them back to the wild if possible.

I had a beautiful Magpie, who died two years ago aged 22 yrs she was beautiful and our first rescue and wouldn’t go back to the wild!  She was free range for three years and then began attacking people walking past our house, so had to go into an aviary.  She talked and used to tell people to ‘go away’, and say ‘help, let me out’ and bark like the dogs and laugh like me!  I really miss her.

Above: A Sri Lanka Blue Magpie (Urocissa ornata)  

(via Oriental Bird Club Image Database : Sri Lanka Blue Magpie » Urocissa ornata)