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Photo by Kurt Lindsay.

Chat Live With Owl Research Institute

Last year at this time, the female Great Gray Owl was already incubating eggs in her beautiful snag nest. This year, however, she and her mate have been spotted at the nest just a handful of times. To complicate matters, a Great Horned Owl pair have shown an interest in the nest, and continue to make their presence known with regular hooting in the background. It’s been a complicated season already and no one is even on the nest yet!

These events have raised questions about territorial disputes, climate change, habitat availability, and many more.

Join us tomorrow, April 10th at 12:00 pm PT / 1 pm MT for a live Q&A with Owl Research Institute about this season’s happenings on our live owl nests. If you have a question for Denver Holt, post it here in the comments. The live chat will take place on our Great Gray Owl Cam.