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Photo by Melissa Boysen

Caption This Contest Winners for 1/6/15

Thank you for playing, everyone! We’ve been up to our ears in your hilarious entries for last week’s Caption This Contest, featuring pups from Warrior Canine Connection’s Gratitude Litter. Check out the winners!

  • Michelle: You are what you eat!
  • Ang in CT: “Listen, we keep acting cute we will get more views than the kitten cam!”
  • Kim Collazo: “Pssst… Miss Yellow. Remember all the times you knocked me out of the way to drink Mom’s milk? I do!”
  • KC: “I’m still listening… just have my eyes closed.”
  • Sandy in NC: “Your ear looks like a milkbone…tastes like a fuzzy milkbone!”

Sharing your captions with the explore.org community really makes this a fun and vibrant one, so thank you for taking part. Stay tuned for a whole new contest!

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