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‘A riot’ at the top shows the younger teenagers how it's done.

At Service Dog Project, Value in Dogs of Every Color

Because of their size and growth spurts, Great Danes sometimes have a problem being clumsy, with more caution than courage. By letting them play at their own speed they learn to make mistakes, think about them, and get on with lives.

The “A“ frame above is within sight of the Great Dane Arena Cam. The four dogs in this picture illustrate the four different colors which can appear in one litter of harlequin Danes: black with white, nearly all-white, Harlequin, and Merle. In the ‘normal‘ world of dogs a white dog with a lot of black spots is usually more expensive and valuable, but in our service dog world they all become equally invaluable partners with people, regardless of color.

For this work we need dogs a bit shorter and heavier boned than the typical American “show dog”. To that end SDP has imported stud dogs from Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. There is an old Amish farmers’ saying that in a sturdy work animal their leg is no more than half their height. To apply that to humans, compare a football player and a basketball player. We need football player type dogs.

– Carlene White, founder of Service Dog Project in Ipswich, MA. The organization trains and places Great Danes with people who live with Multiple Sclerosis, Friedreich’s ataxia, and veterans with disabilities.

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