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Carlene White trains 7-week old pups to be service dogs.

Getting Danes Ready to Work

By Carlene White, founder of Service Dog Project There are hundreds of service dogs that could well deserve national attention of an American Kennel Club award, however our Great Dane “George” was chosen. It had a lot to do with the fact that his partner is a 48 pound cute little girl named Bella who

The gallop

It’s easy to mistake a Great Dane for a horse

Some definitions of the gallop might describe all four feet off the ground at once, which can happen; so does one foot at a time.

A pup from Noel's 2014 litter. Photo by Mark Amirault

Great Dane pups are on the way – guess how many!

A new litter of puppies is on the way for Service Dog Project’s Noel! This will be litter number three for the Great Dane. Resident stud Yellow is the proud papa-to-be. The birth will take place off-site of the Service Dog Project grounds, but you can follow instagram.com/exploreorg to catch live video updates of the

Scarlot when her pups were newborn

For Great Dane moms, love truly comes from within

This was not funny; poor chaos got mastitis while nursing her pups – a very painful infection of her mammary glands. We had to prevent the pups from nursing. Taking mom away would be one way, except chaos wanted to take care of her pups in spite of the fact we could not let her

Southern Sunday Stew

It Takes a Dane to Make a Stew

What happens when you combine three Great Danes, over twenty strangers, a table loaded with tasty food and a home overflowing with hospitality? It’s a Southern Sunday Stew in Georgia and that’s where I spent one of my most enjoyable afternoons, ever.

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